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“The Roles We Choose to Play”

A filmmaker’s perspective on issues that impact young people’s wellbeing.

This anti-bullying program brought into your school for up to a full day uses film narrative, your students’ own stories, current research, and screen interviews with stars and filmmakers to raise issues surrounding bullying and promote self-awareness, self-worth, and action. 


By being relevant and connected to what your students care about, it aims to challenge them to consider the masks they wear, the choices they make and the impact of their actions on themselves, their peers and the world around them.

"Visual, engaging and relevant, this program has the potential to change student behaviour, cut through learnt patterns, and enhance self-awareness."

June Vickers, School Council/Former Deputy Principal, Sydney Girls High

“We learn empathy through story and we learn it through people coming into our lives and saying “Stop for a second and think about what it is like to be someone else in this situation.”      

      John Green, Author, The Fault in our Stars 

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