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                                 READING FILM AS TEXT - "THE TOOLS OF PRODUCTION"                       

Approached from the perspective of Filmmakers, this program provides students  with a clear and concise understanding of the fundamental Tools of Production manipulated by the filmmakers to shape their stories, build their worlds and character journeys and create the layers of meaning within this medium.


With visual literacy a critical area of English comprehension for our new generation, these Tools are fundamental to any in-depth English study involving “film as text.”


Presented in a language that is visual and accessible for middle school year groups and built upon in advanced sessions for high school students.


“The Tools of Production” offers students a practical language they can use in critical analysis of film, or to become educated filmmakers of their own productions.

Full Day $25 per Student + GST

Four Hours $25 per Student + GST

Two Hours  $20 per Student + GST                

Min 60 Students

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